Monk's Attic

The other night, Sarah and I introduced her Arkansas cousin to the wonders of Croatian palinka and Thelonious Monk. There isn't much to say about the palinka except that it burns blue if you set it on fire. As for Monk, I could probably start saying things now and keep saying them until I die and never quite end up saying enough.

However, I will say this: Thelonious Monk's Underground has what could very possibly be the best cover of all time. It imagines Monk as a French Resistance soldier, complete with a captured Nazi bound to a chair in the corner.


Michael said...

I actually have that record, er... um, mp3's of it (blasphemy!) because someone had it on one of the office computers at my last job and zing! I nabbed it, attempting to expand my own jazz knowledge. My jazz knowledge is still so, so small.

Anonymous said...

Yes, stranger...

I just happened upon your site, but we agree on one thing: This is a terrific album sleeve.

Mojo (the UK music mag) quite recently included this album cover in one of those "100 Best Whatevers".

What's the music like?

I have some Monk, but am more of a rock buff.