Metapost: A Word From the Editor

Sorry for the staggered updates, Faithful Readers, but Sarah and I have been out and about for the past week or so. It’s my hope that I can get this blog running on a fairly regular publishing schedule. What this schedule is going to be, I dunno, but keep checking in.

I also urge you to check out the music websites I link to over there on the right. Those fine ladies and gentleman do music a great service.

Letters to the Editor
Since I don’t have any entries ready, let’s dip into the mailbag and see what’s come down the pike.

Writing from Chicago, Illinois, Amanda said:

I was eating dinner at either the Noho Star or Spring Street Natural with a group of friends once, and [Wallace Shawn] was there. He seemed like the best guy—acknowledging and seeming genuinely pleased by people's recognition, but not acting like a celebrity idiot. And people much less famous than he is are arrogant about their celebrity all the time. 

In short, a good man.

Wow! It’s always good to hear that your heros are nice folks. Please note that Garth also had a positive impression of Wally. Mr. Shawn, if you’re reading, and I’m sure you are, we here at The Little Black Egg would be delighted to interview you.

We also got a letter from Mike in Massachusetts. He had this to say:

Being exposed to actual Balkan brass band music, what do you think about the U.S. band Beirut, if you've heard them?

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard them, although various articles about the band make it sound like they’re a Balkan-influenced indie rock band. Weird to name your band after the capital of Lebanon then, but whatever. My guess is that they’re less exciting and have less emotional depth than your average brass band, and probably provide a less cathartic concert experience. However, if a Reader would like to provide The Little Black Egg with a track or two, we’re willing to change our completely ignorant assessment of the band.

From Oneonta, New York, Plankface writes:

FYI: that record store dude closed up his store without telling anyone and now works in a cheesy chain of some kind (i.e., FYE or some other corny store that sells CDs and videogames and DVDs and shit) at the Colonie Center Mall in Albany.

Oh no! For those of you Eggheads who haven’t been following our story, this record store dude is the “Paul Rieser-looking fella” mentioned here. I knew he closed his store, which was just as well since it was beginning to look less and less like a store and more and more like some metalhead hoarder’s disused basement. This is the guy who, after refusing to sell me No New York, tried to get me to buy an Accept album, as if that was some kind of acceptable substitute. I think the collective music store unconscious convened and voted “No Confidence” on this guy.

And finally, from Brooklyn, New York, Seth writes:

Rick, just wanted to make it official that I LOVE YOUR BLOG. It's even making me want to get my hands on some of this 'rock and roll' that I've heard so much about.

Thanks so much, Seth! The Little Black Egg loves to receive good timey missives like these.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Reader, if you like The Little Black Egg as much as Seth here, chances are your friends will as well. Do them a favor and direct them our address. And keep those letters coming!

The Little Black Egg—working hard to prepare each entry for your edification and amusement.

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Michael said...

On Beirut, not having been exposed to much actual Balkan brass music, I can't vouch to compare: but I do know that when I caught their show in Chicago, at one of the most hard core indie rock clubs in the country (read: much head bobbing, knit scarves, no eye contact ever etc.), people were absolutely freaking out. They were incredibly dynamic. I'd recommend their myspace page probably for some quick and dirty song samples.