Metapost: Your Number's Up, Alex Ross

Dear Eggheads, please contact Seth at Taken As Read and complain about the ill treatment we here at The Little Black Egg are receiving. My letter to Seth more or less sums up the issues at stake.

Act now. Together we can make a difference.

The New Yorker started stucking once they opened the door to advertisers and got Art Spiegelman to illustrate the cover anyway. Take it from me: I've heard the "Talk of the Town," and it's boring.


Ganch said...

I demand that you reprint the letter here for everyone to see in all its genius. Goddammit!

inna said...

ROFL, literally...
now Rick, there is a saying in Russian, "v tikhom omute cherti vodjatsa" - roughly translated as "in a quiet pond, the devil is lurking". I always suspected that behind your quiet innocent demeanor lies a satanic force of satire, ready to be unleashed at unsuspecting netizens. we'll see you in hell. hope it will be soon.