Hey, it's The Fever

Speaking of stuff that I've missed, Wallace Shawn, one of America's greatest playwrights, is staging his play The Fever in NYC right now.

Wallace Shawn is famous for the following:

1. Being that guy who says "inconceivable!" a lot in The Princess Bride
2. Being the guy who isn't Andre in My Dinner With Andre
3. Playing Annie Hall's nebbich lover previous to Woody Allen in Annie Hall. Woody says "Him? That little homunculous?"
4. Writing The Fever and other great works of American theater

I first saw this play by accident, when I was a mere fifteen years old. One guy, talking to an audience of about ten people, for two hours. I guess this was in 1995. I really hadn't thought much about anything. And while it's corny to say that something, you know, changed my life, this did. With all the gravitas that implies.

So if you're in New York, do yourself a favor and go see it. Garth has a write up of it over at his place.

Don't live in New York? You can go here and listen to The Fever.

There's another Wallace Shawn play I like even more, The Designated Mourner, which you can listen to here.

Sarah and I going abroad for a couple of days. I've been working on a post about 1940s radio drama, so stay tuned.

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Amanda said...

I was eating dinner at either the Noho Star or Spring Street Natural with a group of friends once, and he was there. He seemed like the best guy -- acknowledging and seeming genuinely pleased by people's recognition, but not acting like a celebrity idiot. And people much less famous than he is are arrogant about their celebrity all the time.

In short, a good man.