Rock Around the Bloc

The Little Black Egg HQ has been chaotic recently, as we finished some shiftwork and chased down money that was owed to us. (It was hard work, but you better believe our debtors rendered unto Caesar.) You see, we’re amassing capital for a summer excursion to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

We look forward to our Russian campaign this summer with great anticipation, Dear Reader. However, we need your help.

We’re planning on sinking our Economic Stimulus Package into the fertile landscape of Russian record shoppes. So if you’ve been to any good record stores out in those parts, especially those that sell older vinyl stuff, we’d very much appreciate an email or a comment with the pertinent details.

Any leads on where to get roentgenizdat would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and thank you kindly.

Ahem. Actually, we here at The Little Black Egg are going to Croatia and Bosnia instead. So, if you have any leads on good record stores in Rijeka, Dubrovnik, or Sarajevo, please drop us a line.