Voice Print: the Plot Thickens

A reader writes to announce their discovery of not one but two additional copies of Voice Print:

Add another extant copy of Voice Print to the registry: my friend just found a sealed copy in Kerrville, Texas! Did Tom say how many were made or how they were distributed? The record is a collaboration with Kocot, who went by "X" at the time. She took the photograph on the jacket.

A copy also sold on Ebay in 2005 for $40.

Wow! As the world's foremost expert on Voice Print, I'm glad to know that I don't bear the burden of my knowledge alone. Here is a picture of the album from the Pop Sike website.

Voice Print is described thusly:

Weird PSYCH! VOICE PRINT by HATTEN on Middle Earth Recs!

Truly a bizarre record and a rare one too!

Much of it is whispering weird poetry with trippy sound effects, echo, and bizarre other-earthly musical sounds...

Gatefold cover with black on the inside! Recorded in 1974 on Middle Earth records. Cover photographed by X.

Record is VG++/cover is VG++

Happy bidding!

The record is in "VG++" condition? Really? You mean that the grooves aren't all worn out? Ha ha ha, but I kid. "Weird psych," indeed.

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