I know this probably goes without saying, but the Stones made a big mistake when they kicked Brian Jones out of the band.

Is Their Satanic Majesties Request the best Rolling Stones album? We here at The Little Black Egg are starting to think it is.


|||.//-_.| said...

A coworker of mine, Tom Doncourt, just yesterday was expressing the same sentiment that this was the Rolling Stones best album. His band Cathedral put an album out in the seventies called Stained Glass Stories, and recently finished a new album - you can find them on myspace. Tom is the keyboardist, and claims that one of keys to this and many other psychadelic ensembles of that period, the Beatles included, is the Mellotron. In this video we hear the 3 violins sample, which was one of the definitive Mellotron plug-ins. The Mellotron is an analogue keyboard with separate tape loops for each key. The loops are not continuous, rather they play until the instrumentalists on the recording are out of breath or bow, and if you continue to hold down the key, the recording starts over.

.///_-| said...

Tom adds, this particular song is perhaps the difinitive moment in Mellotron history and usage, though some argue the flutes at the beginning of Strawberry Fields -also Mellotron- hold the title.

The Little Black Egg said...

Yeah, the Mellotron is good stuff, right? Brian Jones was the king.

You know, I've actually read a little bit about Cathedral on the internets—I'll have to check them out. In the meanwhile, may I point you towards the band Spring? They had—get ready—three Mellotrons in the band.

Here's a review from Planet Mellotron (you might hafta scroll down):


It's an all right album—maybe a little too schmaltzy, at times, for my taste. But it's pretty cool if you like Mellotrons, I guess.