Ripped From Today's Headlines!

These music blog thingeroos are neat and everything, but there's nothing like actually reading words on paper. You know, so's I can read in the park, or on the toilet, or on the bus, or lying on my bed, or whatever.

And if you, Dear Reader, are in the market for music zines, printed on paper, you'd have a harder time getting a better value for your money than Z Gun. Based in Sacramento, Z Gun just recently put out its first issue, and it's fucking great.

Now, there's a lot of cool things about Z Gun, such as the fact that it's a giant newspaper tabloid, the writing is snappy, and that it's relatively typo-free. But the best thing about it is that it's a music publication you can trust, and that's important. And at the end of the day, isn't that what you're looking for when you're reading about music? Whether you are compelled to examine single album in the record store before you can leave with a clear concience, or if you just wanna figure out what's good out there now, Z Gun is in your corner. A fact worthy of note: one of the editors of this fine magazine runs the equally fine Crud Crud music blog, which I link to at right, and the S-S Records, which put out a lotta notable records (including my faves the A Frames, holy shit one the A Frames writes for Z Gun!!!).

On a personal note, I was pleased to be directed towards some excellent new(ish) music like Pink Reason and The Touched, and old music like Washington Phillips and Witch—these are solid recommendations, people. Also, I hafta admit I got a total nerd-rush upon discovering that I could easily keep up with their San Francisco artpunk primer. (Ha ha ha, I still rule, OK?)

Speaking of San Francisco art punk, Z Gun kind of reminds me of V. Vale's old zine Search & Destroy, which later mutated into RE/Search. There's the tabloid-style layout, obviously, but besides that, I am gripped by the sense that music is out there happening, and it's happening now, and if I'm missing it, it's my fault. I get the feeling that, in the future, these will be considered an important record of an important time. It's inspiring stuff.

Ink on paper.


Will said...

I cocking love Pink Reason. I'm stuck in Budapest too, and the music is killing me. I do not dig on Budosok, by the way, and think you were being kind.

Rick said...

Hey Will, what has your experience with Hungarian rock bands been like here in Budapest? I'd be interested to know if you've found anything you like. I've been looking but . . . results are inconclusive.

Also, even though you don't like them, I don't suppose you've managed to track down any Büdösök, or maybe know of a place where I can get some? I was hoping to review them alongside the "Ten Dollar Bill" whisky that gets sold in certain CBAs throughout the city.

Any info would be appreciated—I can be reached at:

we.here.at.the.little.black.egg at gmail dot com