High Voltage Death Machine Music

I'm a big fan of all things Tesla, and was excited to stumble across some clips of people playing music on Tesla coils. If you are unfamiliar with Tesla coils, they are mad scientist-looking machines of high-voltage death, and it seems that you can actually get them to generate sound:

Thanks to Curious Expeditions for sending me the link.

Now, I have no idea what the Geek Group is talking about here because I slept through math class and have approximately the same understanding of numbers and technology as that of a Morlock living in an underground cave with stalagmites and bats and stuff, but I heartily approve. Just think how much better this band would be with Tesla coils hooked up to their amps.


Garth said...

But then sometimes Tesla's coils can make a band worse. For instance, Jack and Meg White were in a short in Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes, in which Jack shows off his Tesla's Coil, and they both seem so lame in this movie, especially Jack, that one can't really enjoy their music after seeing it. For the most part, the rest of the Coffee and Cigarettes shorts are worth seeing.

M said...

Wow. That moving bit of cinema history called "Call of the Winter Moon" has mesmerized and enraptured me. Such suspense, such inspiring acting. They will be flat out robbed if they don't get at least 4 Emmies for such movie magic.

Deanne said...
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