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While we here at The Little Black Egg are loathe to use our publication as forum to discuss current events, recent happenings have coaxed us, slowly but surely, to wade in the dark and fetid waters of politics.

You see, our editorial offices are run out of Budapest, Hungary. And in Budapest, a quasi-fascist political party is establishing what they call a "Hungarian Guard." Dressed in matching blackshirt uniforms, this aspiring paramilitary organization will supposedly defend the country from invasions and help out during emergencies—for instance, a few weeks ago the far right mobilized to throw eggs at a gay pride parade. Oh, the bravery and the courage.

Now, we've been here for several political demonstrations and two riots, and the pitiful handful of Arpad flag waving skinheads I've seen looked as though they would only be able to defend Hungary if it was invaded by an army of 16 oz. cans of bargain pilsner. As you might expect, they're perpetually drunk and stupid and silly-looking and profoundly incompetant and ineffective—combine this with their hilariously overblown sense of their own importance, it's a recipe for instant comedy. It's no suprise that the kind of person who would spend their time skulking about, writing anti-Semitic graffiti on walls and inside restroom stalls, would be the same kind of person who felt nostalgic for Hungary's ill-advised alliance with the Axis Powers during the Second World War.

Anyway, the Hungarian Guard is being sworn in today at the Castle. Coincidentally, this marks the first day of the week-long Jewish Summer Festival here. To commemorate their swearing-in, we here at the Little Black Egg have dredged up the following footage of Spike Jones and his band from 1942. We hope you'll like it.

It was a big hit back in the day.

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The Brooklyn Sea Hag said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you can find a nice Eastern European to vomit in an ashtray for you on your special day.