Beograd's Finest Sons

We here at The Little Black Egg are feverishly working around the clock to transcribe our nearly-illegible notes from our recent Serbian excursion. Tasked with the job of getting a space-filling post to keep our rabid audience of millions entertained, the Little Black Egg Editorial Squad rolled their eyes and did what they always did—went directly to a very popular internet video sharing service.

And as luck would have it, people have been uploading videos from those perennial Little Black Egg fave raves, the undisputed kings of YU Garage, the Partibrejkers. Once again, we here at The Little Black Egg missed seeing them by a only couple of days while in Belgrade. Again! This is the third time it's happened.

Kreni Prema Meni (Live)

Ludo i brzo

Hocu da Znam

??? (Live)

(We here at The Little Black Egg would like to extend a sincere "hvala" to those of you who posted these.)

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