We Must Confound Jerry at Every Turn!

Hey! Who doesn't like Krautrock? Everybody likes Krautrock, especially me.

The only problem is that there is a whole lot of Krautrock floating around out there, salvaged from the olden days and now available on CD for your listening pleasure. And with Julian Cope's Krautrocksampler sadly out of print, what are you gonna do? Talk to that smirking creep at the record store? Spend your hard earned dough . . . at random? Or maybe just blindly download until you find what you like? Don't tell me that's you're just gonna ignore Krautrock. That's just not an acceptable solution.

We here at The Little Black Egg don't give a rat's ass what you do, but if you want to bivouac comfortably in krautrockenplatz, there are two remarkable, free online resources that I will gladly bring to your attention.

The first is by Julian Cope, whose very cool Head Heritage site is off to your right amongst my links. Cope is probably your best bet for subjective Krautrock reviewage. And his astounding Krautrocksampler is available on the internets! All right! So if you scroll down a little, you can download the arch-Drude's opus as a two-part PDF. It's just like having the book, but not really as cool!

Beggars can't be choosers. Having one's own copy of this essential psych codex is effing wunderbar, I'll tell you what. Let's have a big hand for the good people at Swan Fungus for hosting this.

And since all of these bands have stuff in circulation now, so if you wanna acquire some Guru Guru, Xhol Caravan, or Ash Ra Tempel it is possible! In fact, it's easy! As easy as pie.

Maybe you think Julian Cope is a syncophantic schnitzelhead and you hate his opinions, his words, and his thoughts. Or maybe you would just like an wide-ranging mega objective encylopedia of this music. In that case, look no further than The Crack in the Cosmic Egg.

How cool is this? There's a print version available, but this free online thing is pretty goddamn cool, I'm not gonna lie. Sort of like A Field Guide to Krautrock, this thing is invaluable in determining what's what. You could do worse.

Happy Krauting, and stay tuned to this channel for a thrilling upcoming episode of The Little Black Egg, in which your writer ventures deep within the territory of Xhol Caravan to grapple the great unnamables of creation.

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