Metapost: Reader Mailbag

Hello hello again, Dear Reader. You may be wondering why things have slowed down a touch around these parts. The truth is that we here at The Little Black Egg have been busy over at Idle Brains. If any of you haven’t yet checked out Idle Brains, you’re missing out. Do yourself a favor! A world of amazement is only a click away.

However, just because we’ve been busy over here, doesn’t mean that our readership has been keeping mum. Quite the contrary, in fact: you people have sent word our way to let us know what you think. We love getting correspondence here, and would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of these missives.

Unknown reader “.///_-|” has this to say in reference to my inability to track down the new Fall album:

Would it be incorrect to presume you haven't been able to steal 'hard to find' music off the internet bountifully? Whenever you mention 'hard to find' music, I think, there's no such thing as 'hard to find' music anymore.

.///_-| brings up a good point. It’s all there for the taking nowadays. However, sometimes you gotta fork out the money for the actual article because it looks so pretty sitting on a shelf, next to all the other albums. I imagine old ladies must feel the same about their hummel figurines. Also, I’m fairly sure that all whatever royalties reach Mark E. Smith from my album purchase go right towards the MES beer fund—buying a Fall album is probably the closest I’ll ever come to buying the guy a drink.

We have another letter here from “Anonymous,” who writes:

Wenig Schwarzes Ei,

Er nimmt Vernunft an, folglich,
ob es dir gefällt oder nicht, 
kommt hier ControllersTeenClub!


Holy shit! It’s a missive from the CTC! For those of you not in the know, the Controllers Teen Club (also known as Controllers Teen Camp), were an anonymous trio of identically-dressed dudes who were responsible for some of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

It’s hard to define the Controllers sound, but they’re kind of like a Teutonic Residents, maybe . . . sort of post Ash Ra Tempel sonic exploration, maybe. Unfortunately, I don’t read German, so I don’t know what they’re trying to tell me with this letter, but fellas, if you’re reading—send me a CD of your stuff, all right? We here at The Little Black Egg love ya. Dear Reader, they have several songs on their myspace that you yourself can listen to from the comfort of your own home.

From San Francisco, CA, Nathan writes:

. . . have you heard Mori's "Painted Desert," a great trio album w/ Marc Ribot and Robert Quine (!!!)?

Holy shit! No, I haven’t. But I’ll listen to anything Robert Quine plays on. Marc Ribot and Robert Quine playing together is like . . . . like . . . that is a total guitarmaggedon right there. How will humanity rise from the ashes?

With style, that’s how.

And finally, Margot writes to say:

Dude. You are so fucking awesome.

Thanks, Margot! People don’t tell me that enough. You’re fucking awesome too.

Dear Readers, please keep the letters coming in. We here at The Little Black Egg thrives on your correspondence—without it, we’d whither and die, like a delicate, neglected flower.

This flower says "help, I'm dying."


Michael said...

I've seen some old ladies "downloading" Hummel figurines from a gift shop once. Unfortunately, two of them crashed.

Michael said...

Also--I went looking for your old Hench post on the Yanks/Red Sox rivalry, couldn't find it. Where could it be? Sorry about this past weekend, btw. Heh heh heh.

Rick said...

I dunno where my Red Sox fan rant went off to, Mike. But I can probably write another one. But I don't know . . . it's been so long since I've seen a ball game that I may be ill-equipped to get all froggy.

Garth said...

I think .///_-| is a member of the Controller's Teen Club. Just a hunch.

.///_-| said...

An honor to be published on L.B.E.! I was bored enough to plug the message attributed to 'CTC' into an english to german translator online:

Wenig Schwarzes Ei, Er nimmt Vernunft an, folglich, ob es dir gefällt oder nicht, kommt hier ControllersTeenClub

Little Black Egg, he listens to reason,
ergo, whether you like it or lump it, here comes ControllersTeenClub