Black Stalin

Since we here at The Little Black Egg live in a Carribean neighborhood, we're doing our best to learn about music from that part of the world. And while we have only just begun acquainting ourselves with Calypso and Soca stuff, we are pretty sure that no one has a cooler name than Black Stalin. The question is, can we option the movie rights to this guy's name?


Garth said...

I'm excited to see you're posting again. Also, that you mention Black Stalin, whose amazing name almost makes up for the underlying mediocrity of his music. Disappointingly, it turns out the "Stalin" is a variation on "Starling" a tribute to the Mighty Sparrow, rather than a reference to the Russian dictator.

Anonymous said...

What about Bullwackies' ace session guitarist/vocalist Jerry Hitler? Is there a clever vernacular explanation for that one too?