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So the other day I went to the pawn shop/junk store on the corner of my block to look for records. At the moment I'm living in a primarily West Indian neighborhood, so I'm always hoping to score reggae and soca and etc. albums at places like this. So far I've turned up a few gems, which might make their way to this blog once I get a pre-amp for my turntable.

Sometimes, though, I come across stuff that I really just didn't think I'd come across:

I wonder who pawned this thing? For $2, though, I'll take it.

I always liked the Plasmatics, even though they were sort of a crummy band, all around. The concept was great, even if I'm not entirely sure what it was. And when it came to punk/metal hybrids at that time, these guys were about as fun to listen to as D.R.I. or the Cro-Mags. The important distinction being that the Plasmatics were fiction, and bands like the Cro-Mags were non-fiction.

Did the Plastmatics ever link up with Troma? If not, they certainly should have. Anyway, these guys were like a distillation of everything good about those weird mutant street gangs who turned up in movies like Deathwish 3 and the Class of Nuke 'Em High. You know what I'm talking about? Fictional gangs of weirdos where everyone is just violent because they're weird. They all fight with like switchblades and clubs, and they all have names like "Deuce" and "Strangler" or something.

Possibly the best scene in American cinematic history, from The Class of Nuke 'Em High:

Stirring, no? That movie is a stone cold classic. Why doensn't anyone make shit like this anymore? What's wrong with everyone?

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Anonymous said...

I've got some live footage of the PLAS, from a now defunct CCTV show. Why was the show cancelled? Even though it was on public access the fat bastard running the thing decided to show, at length, some bizarre homo sex party. Guys getting whipped and balls getting crunched (which is what i think of now when i think of public access) anyway, he also played a-lot of old horror movies and clips of the PLAS live, which were amazing. At one show W.O.W. throws a stick of dynamite into an old muscle car, and the thing fucking BLOWS UP! I kept thinking it was a fake cigar but no, once again the real deal. My old roomate actually served her at his old job (UNO'S believe it or not) just days before her death. It doesn't get better then the Plasmatics, what with the constant chainsawing of guitars and absolute mayhem. B.T.W what the hell is a plasmatic?