YU Rock Fakebook

Dear Reader, you are doubtless aware of how much I like punk rock from ex-Yugoslav states. Well, last summer Sarah and I were in Sarajevo, and I was looking for Bosnian punk records. I went to what must have been every record store in the fucking city, but I couldn't find anything even close to what I was looking for. And since Sarajevo is an incredible place and my time there was limited, I finally gave up searching.

But I did find this really cool Balkan rock fakebook:

It's basically just a collection of tabs for popular tunes by ex-YU rock bands. Check out this page spread of two Pekinska Patka (Peking Duck) tunes:

Pekinska Patka are from Serbia, and they are one of the best punk bands ever, from anywhere, at any time in history. Period. This song, "Biti ružan pametan i mlad" (the computer translates it as "Subsist ruĹľan brainy plus adolescent"), is one of their best.

I've long wondered what Nebojša Čonkić was saying at the beginning of this song. According to my book, it's "pipipipi, kvakvakvakva, kakadakakadakakada."

This book? This thing is authoritative.


Mokus said...

Love this, but why such a light treatment? I think the fate of the Western world might just hinge on this very band.

Rick said...

Mostly because I'm fighting through a bunch of freelance stuff right now—but I'm hoping to maybe get an interview with Mr. Čonkić.