They're the Ones With the Cut Off Hands

Dear Reader, we here at The Little Black Egg were idly perusing an old Search & Destroy zines (which later morphed into RE/Search Publications) whilst taking a break from working on a writing project. Specifically, it's Search & Destroy #7, and it contains an interview with Roky Erickson.

Roky had this to say on his reading habits:

I go for the more evil side of things. I don't really like anything unless it is evil. I go in for nightmare comics and things like that.

I like to go to old buildings that have caved in, in the darkest part of Dallas at midnight and read about people injecting printer's ink into people's veins, and someone cutting off a man's hand because he wanted his ring and then the hand kills him in jail while he's asleep.

I exist off things like that, but I shouldn't force people to print that kind of periodical just for me! It's kind of mean to make them keep printing it and have it come to my doorstep, because I know I'm the only person that reads it. I guess I'd have to be, because they're the ones with the cut off hands and the blood spurting out the little arteries in their wrists after they're cut off, and that gets real scary.

I wish I had a job where I printed a periodical solely for Roky Erickson's enjoyment. I should get on that.

Here, Roky lays down some wisdom and then plays "Creature With the Atom Brain.

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