Ha ha ha, Dear Reader! You thought that The Little Black Egg was asleep, maybe even dead didn’t you? Well, maybe it was, but it sleeps with one eye open. Waiting for you, Dear Reader, to come here from your far-flung corner of the globe and read things.

Now for some acknowledgements: I have long enjoyed these music blog thingeroos that are so popular. They have done an admirable job helping me find my way through the invisible and sprawling “world of music that I haven’t listened to yet.” Dear Reader, they can help you do the same. So while you’re waiting for me to finish my fucking work and get back to entertaining you, take a minute to visit these fine folks who have elected to link to we here at The Little Black Egg.

Don’t worry! See, they link to me, so you will have no trouble finding your way back home (where you belong). Now, for some “tips of the hat.”

I’d like to tip my hat to the good folks at Life on the Dot, an excellent music blog full of dark indie obscurities. If more people listened to the sort of popular musics featured here, less people would have shitty musical taste. It’s good stuff, is what I’m saying.

Also, a curtsy and a tip of the hat to The Thing on the Doorstep, a festeringly excellent music blog that offers a veritable feast for your ears. That’s right pal, you heard me. It’s a total earfeast (of batwings and maggots in a disused laboratory).

And a final tip of the hat to the all-mighty Crud Crud, which everyone should check out because it’s great. Reading Crud Crud is like hanging out with your awesome friend who can dip their hand into the bargain bin at the record store and come out with the coolest (or weirdest) thing you ever heard.

So, I’m finishing up a longish post about one of my favorite records of all time, by a guy named Hatten. This has been a difficult few weeks, what with a deluge of work and an impending trip over the border to Serbia, where we’re going to be making our triumphant return to Guca.

Regarding Guca, you, Dear Reader, will “read” about it here, in the future. Ha ha ha! Yes, read it here first. A more exciting account of this Serbian trumpet festival you are unlikely to find. Tune in around late August.

In the meantime, while you wait with bated breath for my next post, check out my pals D and M over at Curious Expeditions. In particular, check out this revolting account of how one of them (D) actually ate a real life little black egg that looked like revolting death on a plate.

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