Radio Stan

One of the decisions we made when starting The Little Black Egg was that we wouldn't be one of those blogs that just links to some cool shit like five times a day. We may have been guilty of this abhorrent practice in some of our recent video posts, but Dear Reader, please don't underestimate the sort of sway technological novelty, such as embedded video clips, can hold over our idiot minds.

Still, we here at The Little Black Egg simply couldn't live with ourselves if we didn't point you towards these 20 mp3s of noted film maker Stan Brakhage hosting a radio show. They come courtesy of the astounding Ubu Web.

He plays music and talks, as you do on the radio, but see it's Stan Brakhage, so the actual content is so staggeringly awesome that you will walk away from this audio a changed person. I'm not really one for lectures, but I was spellbound. You could certainly do worse than to take these in at your leisure. I haven't listened to them all yet, but may I strongly suggest the seventh, which I'm going to listen to again after I'm done writing this.

I know what you might be thinking: "Say Rick—can't I just read 'em?"

To which I say, why sure you can! However, you're not going to get to hear the music Brakhage plays, or hear his ruthless impersonation of Ezra Pound. If that doesn't faze you, than read, read away.


Ganch said...

i can't wait to listen when i get back!! ezra pound impersonations rule

Anonymous said...

I haven't read/listened to these yet, and they may indeed change my life, but Rick, let me tell you about a WNYC segment I just got through listening to about blogs. The segment featured some great accomplished journalist disparaging blogs as 'some kid sitting in his living room' and 'not anywhere close to an actual trip to the bronx to see the hispanic neighborhoods or what goes on at the print houses, the interaction with the editors, and how one is paid, which gives reporting it's value, and so on.

You yourself at T.L.B.E. have championed your own exhaustive research including but not limited to my personal favorite 'haggled with morons'. This, in essence is what makes your blog special, it's a piece of yourself, not necessarily what you have good taste in, although that is the vehicle through which you express yourself, still indeed, it's a waste to simply showcase someone else's work After all, it's your work we're here to see.

That said, I highly recommend watching Lurita Doan's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee at C-Span.org

Bob Hopeless said...

Thanks very very much for the tip on these. Listening to Brakhage talk about his films is hypnotic, so I am quite looking forward to these.