And Now, a Word From Our Sponsors

Well, well, well. It's a lovely Friday afternoon here, and we at The Little Black Egg are up to our necks in all kinds of things, stuff like fiction and freelance work and all that crap. So we're going to take a little break, just for a little bit. It's like what's-his-face said: "Words, words, words."

Man, I heard that. Too many words will turn your life to bullshit.

So since I've got nothing to say, here's the Seeds on some TV show. Check out Sky Saxon's amazing cape with moons and whatnot on it. On anyone else a cape like that would look silly, but on Sky Saxon it looks authoritative.

Anyway, when we here at The Little Black Egg return from our sabbatical, we're going to slightly change formats, ever so slightly, so that we let the music alone for a bit and cover other forms of audio. How's that grab you? I'll tell you something: it's gonna be better than you think.

So tune in next week, Dear Reader. Same time, same channel.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Better than I think? Pshaw. Hope you're up to the task, 'cause I think pretty darn good.